Ignition and Starter Motor Repairs

Are you having trouble starting your car? The battery may not necessarily be the problem. We can assess your vehicle, and then diagnose and repair any starter motor or ignition problems that may be occurring. Our skilled technicians can quickly find and resolve your auto electrical issues to get your car starting smoothly, first time, every time. Rather than replace a starter motor, we can often recondition it, saving our customers money and delivering the same quality result.

For a quote on an ignition repair, or on a starter motor repair or recondition, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Air Conditioning

Having trouble keeping cool while on the road? You may be in need of air conditioning repairs or re-gas. We are an ARC Tick certified business, meaning we are licensed to perform air conditioning repairs on all makes and models. It also means that our repair procedures follow strict industry standards and are carried out in a professional manner. When repairing your air conditioning system we can also do pressure testing and leak checks. To find out more, or book in for a repair, contact us.

Trailer Lighting, Wiring and Braking

If you own a trailer, we have a range of accessories, upgrades and services on offer. We install Redarc electric trailer brake control units, an easy to operate system for controlling electric brakes on trailers, camper-trailers, boat-trailers and caravans, as well as a variety of other four-wheel drive and camper-van electronics. We also stock LED lighting systems for your trailer or caravan that can be fitted by our technicians. As well as supplying and fitting a range of accessories to almost anything that can be towed, our skilled team are able to quickly and professionally diagnose and repair complex wiring issues and faults. To find out more about our auto electrical accessories and repairs, contact us today.


If you're in need of a new battery for your vehicle, we rely on Supercharge batteries as our sole battery supplier. Supercharge produce top quality batteries for all makes and models, and are trusted by our team to consistently deliver reliable, high quality products. Whether you're after a battery for a car, four-wheel drive, light commercial vehicle or need a dual battery system, Fountain Gate Auto Electrics has all of your battery needs covered. To find out more, or for a quote on a new battery for your vehicle, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Your vehicle's alternator is responsible for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy, allowing your battery to stay charged. We can repair or replace your car's alternator if it is no longer charging the battery effectively. If your car's battery keeps going flat despite having been replaced, you may be in need of alternator repairs. To find out more, or to book in for a repair, contact us today.

Fuel Injection Diagnosis and Repairs

Your car's fuel injection system is used to deliver the fuel into the engine at the correct rate. If it is malfunctioning or your injectors are faulty, it may not deliver the correct amount of fuel, reducing the power output of the car. We have the tools and equipment in our workshop to diagnose any faults and repair your fuel injection system. To find out more, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Vehicle Security and Locking

Other auto electrical components that can be repaired by our skilled team are your car's security, central locking and remote locking systems. All of these components can present faults that can be repaired so that they work just like new again. If your car's central locking has stopped functioning correctly, or your car's remote no longer reliably locks the vehicle, visit our workshop for all your vehicle security needs. To find out more, contact us.